Walk Nicaragua 2016 – Day 1 – Team Arrival

Walk Nicaragua 2016 – Day 1 – Team Travel Day

Our mission team had an early start today, leaving out of our home cities bright and early arriving to the airports (Charleston, Greenville, and Atlanta) at 5:00am. It was odd to be dressed for the hot, humid temperatures we were to experience in Nicaragua when leaving our homes in 25 degree (and less) temperatures.

The Charleston crew had the task of packing, loading, transporting, unloading and checking in 21 tote bins that were packed for our trip. These tote bins contain the surgical implants that were donated, instruments and everything else that would make the surgeries a success. To say that these bins were ‘muy importante’ wouldn’t do them justice.

We have many returning volunteers, but also many new faces, and we spent a lot of time getting to know each other and getting energized for the week ahead. It is amazing that so many people from different hospitals, cities and backgrounds can come together for a mission like this.

After a quick flight from Miami, we arrived in Managua, the capital city of Nicaragua, around noon today. It was definitely an adventure bringing our instruments, implants, and supplies through customs. Okay, adventure isn’t quite the right word…but how else can I explain a foreign country’s customs experience with 21 tote bins full of metal objects and 19 people with personal luggage and only one Dr. who could speak the language? In all seriousness it went quite well and we were pleased that our trip was off to a smooth start.

We loaded up the bus with all our gear and went to the Rosti Pollo restaurant for some much needed refreshments. We check into our hotel and spent the afternoon exploring the city of Managua, learning about Nicaraguan history, and becoming acquainted with our PMI staff here in Nicaragua. We will tell you all about the amazing Oscar tomorrow smile emoticon

Tonight we gathered together for dinner and fellowship, being inspired by what has led each volunteer to be present today.We also went over a brief outline for the adventure that awaits us this week.

There are so many emotions that lead up to a trip like this and all the excitement is giving way to extreme gratitude. I am just so very grateful for this experience, for the people that have come together and for the ability to give this gift to the people of Nicaragua.

Please lift up the team, the patients and all involved in the orchestration of this amazing trip tonight. Buenos Noches. Oh, and Happy Valentines Day.

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