Walk Nicaragua 2018 – Day 4 – Operative Day 2



Bueñas Noches from Esteli!

This evening we are featuring members of the Hilton Head team. This is their inaugural trip with Walk Nicaragua. We are so excited to have them join us this year. They have brought with them 8 team members, tonight we will hear from three of them, Bonnie, CST (scrub tech), Suzanne, PT (physical therapist), and Many, RN (nurse).

“We began our day with a devotion from Dr Jennings. He taught us that God wants us to give and serve because when we do it is all for Him. We are so humbled to have achieved so much on day 2 at the clinic. We have great patients with amazing families. This is the first time Hilton Head has sent a team and we are happy to share our take on day 2 with y’all.

Yesterday all 3 surgeons shared the pleasure of working together accomplishing 8 total knee replacements. Today, Dr Schutte with his team from Charleston and Dr Johnson with our team from Hilton Head performed 11 total knee replacements!!!!!!!!! Dr Diaz and his team from Esteli has made our presence here comforting and effortless. As this is the HHI team’s first trip, we didn’t know what to expect. On day 1 when we arrived, we experienced some communication and teamwork barriers. However, today we established some rapport with the local staff and became a cohesive team providing the best patient experience possible. This was such a crucial step to allow us to provide the level of patient care that we love to give.

We were able to discharge all 8 of day 1 patients, with the support of their wonderful families. This was not an easy feat, as 2 patients who had traveled all the way from Hondorus for their joint replacements. Muchos gracias to our wonderful team of translators (Oscar, Alvaro, AJ, Melvin, Everette, Jasmina, Ari, Lynda and more) who without them we would not be able to take such great care of our patients!

Tomorrow, Dr Jennings and Dr Schutte’s team plan to repeat today with another 10 patient O.R. day. Thank you all for everyone who has supported us to get where we are. We appreciate you taking the time to read our daily blogs. Don’t forget to visit our website at http://www.walknicaragua.org. “

Hasta manaña,
Suzanne, Bonnie, & Mandy

Thank you again ladies for giving us an inside look at your day!

As volunteers, we all go into these trips hoping to share our talents and passions with those in need, yet tend to receive more than we actually provide. Watching these patients walk into the hospital with such severe debilitating deformities and walk out with a straight, functioning knee and less pain is inspirational. Because, without the support of all of our donors, such as Harry Hoffon and Matt Dillon, we could not be here today doing what we love, and serving others as we’ve been called to do. We are so grateful for all you do!