Walk Nicaragua 2018 – Day 5 – Operative Day 3


Buenos noches!

We had another awesome day in Esteli! Many people live by the saying “the glass is half empty or half full,” but we have learned from the people of Esteli that we should just be happy to have a glass. As a member of Team Crosslink, Kelly Starnes, along with Tom Thomas, PA from Hilton Head, we are happy to say that our opening quote is a true representation of Del Schutte’s and Thomas Fleeetwood’s ambition in creating this amazing opportunity for us to show compassion and care for the people of Esteli.

Today we were able to discharge all 11 of yesterday’s patient so we could make room for today’s 10 new total joint patients; performed by Dr. Jennings, Dr. Schutte, and their amazing staff. All members, of every team from all over SC, came together and worked outside their comfort zones to achieve the goals of helping the people of this amazing country. Dr. Mulner went above and beyond by volunteering to work on his day off to ensure that anesthesia ran efficiently as possible. That being said, we are very happy to accomplish what we have in the past few days. In closing, before this week, the idea of mission trips rarely crossed my mind, but after these last few days I can’t imagine not having this experience in our life. We can’t express enough gratitude to all those involved in making this opportunity possible, especially those who have donated their time off work, money, and resources.

Until tomorrow!

Our Surgeons: (Left to Right) Dr. Del Schutte, Jr., Dr. Kirk Johnson, Dr. Jim Jennings

Our Surgeons: (Left to Right) Dr. Del Schutte, Jr., Dr. Kirk Johnson, Dr. Jim Jennings