Walk Nicaragua Day 5 – Operative Day 4

7:00 PM April 30, 2015 Esteli, Nicaragua

Walk Nicaragua Day 5 – Operative Day 4

The last operative day was a success! We were able to complete another 4 surgeries today which is a total of 23 patients for the week. Another 8 patients were also discharged from the hospital today by 10 am. The surgical team is all packed up and heading out of Esteli to enjoy some fun in the sun, before they fly back on Saturday. The nursing and physical therapy team, as well as, the nurse practitioners are remaining in Esteli one more day in order to provide the necessary post-operative patient education, and to facilitate the discharge process of the last 4 patients.

In two weeks, our patients will return to Esteli to see Dr. Diaz for their post-operative evaluations and suture removal. Also, each patient will attend physical therapy over the next 4 weeks, by the physical therapists specifically hired for our mission and trained by our staff. We will continue to follow the progress each patient, through Dr. Diaz in Esteli.
He will also be visiting us in Charleston at the end of May for our total joint conference, and will be speaking about our mission with other orthopedists from all over the United States.

Because we finished early in the hospital today, our team was able to enjoy visiting downtown Esteli. The view of the mountainside from within the city and the cathedral is absolutely breathtaking.

Thank you all again for your prayers and support! We couldn’t be here in this beautiful country helping these grateful patients without you!

Hasta mañana!