Walk Nicaragua Day 3 – Operative Day 2

6:30 PM April 28, 2015 Esteli, Nicaragua

Walk Nicaragua Day 3 – Operative Day 2

Another exciting day in the OR! Our skilled team of surgeons and volunteers performed another 8 total knee replacements. We began the day with breakfast and a daily devotional led by Dr. Weinheimer. Then our team went to the hospital to start surgery around 8 am. Two surgical teams lead by Dr. Smith and Dr. Kupferman, completed 4 cases in each room and finished around 6 pm.

Our nursing and physical therapy team had a busy day themselves. They had our first four patients from yesterday up and walking and discharged before lunch! And many more up and walking after their surgery today.

We feel so blessed to be a part of something as life changing as joint replacement surgery in Nicaragua. Our staff was very overwhelmed by the gratitude given by the patients before and after their procedures. We have taken the time to talk to each patient about the impact this surgery will have on their daily life. One gentlemen, in particular, had a previous gun shot wound from the war in Nicaragua in the 1980’s, that advanced into severe osteoarthritis and bone defect, limiting his ability to work and enjoy his activities of daily living. His touching story, along with his tears of joy was a memorable moment for our staff this week.

We have many more patients like this man, each with their own story of how the gift we have given him is going to increase their quality of life. And many more still to treat!

Thank you for following our blog, praying for us and supporting us during this week.

¡Hasta mañana!