Walk Nicaragua Day 2 – Operative Day 1

11:30 PM April 27, 2015 Esteli, Nicaragua

Walk Nicaragua Day 2 – Operative Day 1

We had a wonderful jump start to the week! Our morning began with breakfast at the hotel and a inspirational devotional from Dr. Schutte. We then climbed aboard the “chicken bus” and made our way along the Panamericana Highway to Esteli, experiencing some of the most beautiful mountain skyline views along the way.  We also had the pleasure of stopping by the new PMI clinic in Sebaco to view the building progress. It is very exciting that it will be opening very soon!

Once in Esteli we stopped at the hospital to unload all of our instrumentation and implants, and process them for sterilization. The team also sorted the supplies and oriented to their work environment for the week. While the instruments were being “cooked” we made a quick stop for a team lunch, hotel check-in and hurried back to the hospital where we completed 4 total knee replacements by 8 pm. After each patient was transferred to the ward and tucked in for the night, the team returned to the hotel to eat dinner and share stories about their day.

It is an amazing experience to see everything fall into place. TJ, Oscar, Dr. Diaz and his team have gone above and beyond to provide us with all the luxuries of home. We are also so blessed and grateful to have the support of our friends and family who made it possible for us to be here in Nicaragua this week, giving our time and talents to the citizens of Nicaragua.

Tomorrow is another busy day for the PMI Walk Nicaragua team, as we have 8 patients scheduled. Please continue to pray for us and think about us this week. We will continue to keep you updated! Thank you again for all your support!