Walk Nicaragua – Day 4 – Operative Day 3

Me and Jose

Muscle Man

Floor RNs ROCK

Buenos noches from Nicaragua! We helped change the lives and restore the mobility of another 10 very amazing patients today.

Dr. Jennings started our morning with a brief history of the United States involvement in Nicaragua and reiterated his hope that we, as Americans, can make an improved, positive impact on this country. He ended our devotional with the Healer’s Prayer, something so meaningful to hear before heading to the hospital- “Lord, make me an instrument of the peace… where there is injury, pardon…where there is despair, hope”.

Every team member was eager and ready to work once we arrived. Similar to trips in the past, each day becomes more efficient. We were thrilled to see one familiar face as one of our patients had his right knee replaced last year and came today for his left knee replacement. Our hearts were so full after another new patient stated that, “I prayed for one whole year for this miracle. God sends you to help us, the poor. You are angels”. We are reminded on a consistent basis how fortunate we are to be a part of something so special.

Tonight the team had a chance to reflect and enjoy each others experiences from our patient interactions thus far. Sarah Voges, the executive director of Walk Nicaragua, put together a slideshow for the group at dinner. It was a great reflection on the week and everyone enjoyed it! Tomorrow we wrap up our operative days. As always, we wholeheartedly thank every single one of you for following us throughout our journey and for your continued support.

Dana Green