Walk Nicaragua 2017 – Day 1 – Team Arrival

Buenas Noches from Nicaragua!

We are so excited to  be back for another amazing trip, providing the gift of mobility and changing the lives of the patients and their families!

Dr. Schutte and his team from Charleston, SC, are joined this year by Dr. Jim Jennings from Greenville, SC and Dr. Marc Barnett from Asheville, NC. We are being hosted by Dr. Uriel Diaz and his team, who have worked along side us not only this trip, but the past two years,  to learn and expand what their country has to offer in total joint replacement surgery.

Today our team members traveled from all around the country (Charleston, Greenville, Asheville, Atlanta, Baltimore, Orlando…. ) finally landing in Nicaragua at 9 pm. After our adventure in customs we were on the road by 11:45 and checking in at the hotel just shy of 1 am. Our amazing One World Health volunteer coordinator, Oscar Ibarra, his brother Alvaro and our bus driver Julio were there to meet us at the airport and escort us along the way.  Our team is excited to get up early tomorrow and make the second half of our trip to the hospital, where we will meet the patients, visit with some previous patients and start our first operating day!

Thank you for all your support from home! We could not be here without all your kind and generous support! Please keep checking in to see updates each day.

por siempre agradecido (forever grateful),

Sarah Voges, FNP-C

Director Walk Nicaragua