Walk Nicaragua 2016 – Day 3



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Operative Day 2

Today was another amazing day. We have a wonderful group of surgeons and volunteers that have joined Dr. Schutte in Nicaragua this year.  It is our pleasure to host Dr. Jim Jennings from Greenville, SC, and Dr. Stephen Smith, from Atlanta, GA. We are using OR rooms this week, and were able to complete 10 more knee replacements today.

The highlight to our day was having the chance to visit with patients we took care of in May 2015. They are doing extremely well, and some are even having their other knee replacement performed today!

The 4 patients we operated on yesterday were up and walking today with the help of our physical therapy volunteers, Hollis Barbaro and Jim Denton.  Being able to hear each of our patient’s testimonies was very touching. It is because of these grateful patients that we are willing to be away from our loved ones, families, and daily jobs to brings this often overlooked area of service of total joint arthroplasty to the community of Nicaragua.